Gideon Group
An active, exciting group dedicated to discovering the love of God and learning to be like Christ. Have fun, build friendships, explore God's Word, help others, and make a lasting difference!
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Maranatha Baptist Church | 221 Hampton Highway | Yorktown, VA 23693 | (757) 867-8394 |

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Current Study
- “The Holy Spirit” - led by Beau Williams and Jonathan McBride
This study has in recent times has become one we shy away from. We speak often of the Holy Spirit and desire His work in our lives, but we know very little of Him and what He does for us. We want to experience His power but do not know if it can really be attained. We want to be Spirit filled and lead so that we can be as spiritual as any follower of Christ should want to be, but often have no understanding what either of those things mean. So come and join us for this 6 month study on the Holy Spirit and His work in our lives, and see how the Word of God can change your life.

- What spirituality is NOT
- Who is the Holy Spirt?
- Can we be filled with the Holy Spirit?
- The power of the Holy Spirit
- What spirituality is
- Spiritual gifts and the Holy Spirit
- The Holy Spirit in the OT
- The Holy Spirit in the NT
- The Holy Spirit today

20/20 Vision
How I View God / How God Views Me

2017 College and Career Singles Retreat
May 18-20, 2017

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